So this one is a little different.

First of all, our van’s radiator is shot. So there goes that.

Second, there is a NEW Dunkin Donuts IN Downtown San Diego which opens up a world of opportunity.

Third, our friends in North County were planning on riding down from there to the border to celebrate Raul Salazar’s bday.

So we figured, lets meet up at the NEW Dunkin Donuts, our friends from the north will stop there at 11am (ISH) and then we’ll head to the border.


 Sergio Soto and Raul Salazar with the @sdcrows will be leading the ride.

Its a birthday mellow ride so if you feel like mashing ahead, go for it.

But most of us will just mellowly take our time riding down to the border.

All you need to do is be at the NEW Dunkin Donuts at 10ish and we’ll roll out at 11ish.

The NEW Dunkin Donuts is located in the Embassy Suites on Pacific Highway X Harbor Drive.

We’ll end at Friendship Park which is like right RIGHT next to the border.

We won’t actually cross the border though so no need to bring a passport.

NO CHARGE for this DD ride either! So, no we aren’t buying you coffee and donuts at DD.

Every wolf for themself. That means, B.Y.O.Tubes & Tools!


Sergio and Raul’s Facebook event : HERE

Here’s where the NEW DD is : HERE

Friendship Park is : HERE


We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a lonnnng time.

Crazy the series of events that allows it to happen huh?

See ya there!

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