We’re not trying to ‘take back’ the streets. They were never ours to begin with. We simply aim to co-exist with cars and expect respect in return. We understand that drivers will not respect cyclists until cyclists respect the rules of the road.

RESPECT IS A TWO WAY STREET. Car and bike can co-exist. We try our best to exemplify this mindset on our Fullmoon Bikerides.

Current lookbook : HERE


Feature in Urban Velo (Link) :

“The Awarewolfs…aim to promote safe cycling and mutual respect between cyclists and drivers (wouldn’t that be nice). Nothing revelatory or earth-shattering, but it’s nice to see the often opposing ethos of hip and responsible in the same place.” – Urban Velo

Feature in San Diego City Beat (Link) :

The Awarewolf’s Fullmoon Bikerides…”can run anywhere between 10 and 20 miles, but the group stops at several locations, whether it’s to wait for others, hang out in park, or stop for snacks.” – San Diego City Beat

State Bicycle Co. Rider Signature Jersey (Link) :

In February 2016, State Bicycle Co. released a Rider Signature Jersey designed closely with The Awarewolf’s Founder / Curator – Charlie Sears.

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