Spokecards are silly.

You either love them or hate them. Regardless, they are a very inexpensive and tangible item to give away to friends / riders.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make these things :

IMG_1540 copy1. When making your spokecard on the computer, make sure you think about what the BACK of your card will look like. An 8.5 x 11 piece of paper can fit four good sized spokecards if you want them double sided. (Double sided looks waaaaay better than single.)

IMG_1559 copy

2. Cut out your design and fold in half.

IMG_1589 copy3. Laminate them. Lamination paper comes in all different sizes and pockets. Some as small as business cards all the way up to 11×17. We used 8.5×11 and after the spokecards are cut out, you can fit about six comfortably in a 8.5×11 lamination sleeve. You don’t want to put the cards too close together to ensure you get a good heat seal.

IMG_1560 copy

4. This is how they look once they are laminated.

IMG_1601 copy

5. See those air pockets next to the edge of the black paper? You have to cut past that. If you cut in to the air pocket, when the card gets wet, it will fade and bleed. Leave a good border around the air pocket and get to cutting!

IMG_2035 copy

6. FIN.

Easy huh?

They can be tedious though. Check out the 290 cards made for TECATE MADNESS!

IMG_2028 copy

Hope you enjoyed. Be safe out there.

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