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Knog sent over some gear and one of the things I was of the utmost stoked for was this Bouncer lock.

This lock isn’t the biggest of locks. It can only fit one bike and the pole you lock it to has to be a tad smaller than a parking meter’s width, but damn this little lock packs a rad punch. You can just tell by listening to it go ‘click’ that your bike is secure. It just feeeeels strong. The fact that this lock is more like two Us provides a level of added security also.

ps. I’m diggin how it fits perfectly in my fav shorts.

Remember Knog’s Interbike booth?! Knog’s booth was the best..

More Knog : HERE


  1. when i first saw this lock i thought it looked extra small. i guess some people are into that (i.e. kryptonite antisocial lock), and i agree that big locks suck, but there is a point at which too small is synonymous with “mostly useless.” i love the way knog’s stuff looks but to be honest i even switched off their sleek light design for a clunkier, more effective set. do you think this lock is designed with function or style in mind? i guess you can’t really slam your advertiser though…

    • I totally feel you Dean. This lock, I believe, was designed with both style and function in mind. For me, it’s a great everyday lock to keep in my bag cause I’m always lightly poppin in and out of places. I have a Kryptonite that I’ll use if I gotta lock up a couple bikes, or if the area I’m going is sketch. I kind of just evaluate what I’m doing / where I’m going then choose which lock to take.

      I do wish it was just a tad bit wider, but it looks like the Knog Strongman is Knog’s answer to that..

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