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What a great ride to throw right during Comic Con! The costumes that showed up were all so amazing. Some had nothing to do with Star Wars while others looked like exactly replicas from the films! We had Star Wars tunes blasting most of the time and also a Death Star pinata!

We left from Golden Hill Park and rode straight to downtown through the thickest of thick Comic Con traffic and ended up behind the convention center where Comic Con is being held. We hung out there for a bit and saw the Star of India x Assassin’s Creed ship fire off the cannon a few times. From there everyone headed up to the busiest intersection downtown. 5th and Market.. We all parked our bikes off to the side and once the crosswalk signal went off, we all planned to run in to the center of the intersection and have a mini light saber battle! We ended up doing it three times! Sabers were sabering, people were filming it, and everyone was laughing so incredibly hard.

After the battles we cruised up to City Liquor then up to Marston Point to cap off the night with some Ultimate Frisbee.

What a good night guys. All 50+ of you who came out, THANKS!

There’s a CicloSDias on Sunday and the FULLMOON BIKERIDE is on Monday!

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