So we had a major roadblock.

There was a dumb wedding reception going on at the Air & Space Museum til 9pm.

This is no good cause we overtake the entrance to that museum at about 730 – 9.

Luckily, at about 4pm, when we went out to clean up the course, we found all this out.

So, we went to the secret reserve course. A huge parking lot across the street.

And this is how it went :

IMG_3681 IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3722 IMG_3725 IMG_3729 IMG_3740


So check it out.

Here’s the main :


First lap : Sergio Soto, Brian Kelly, Billy Crist


Second lap : Billy Crist, Brian Kelly, Sergio Soto


FINISH : Brian Kelly, Billy Crist, Sergio Soto


Right after the above photo was taken, Brian and Billy both couldn’t make the hairpin turn that the finish line was on. Instead of risking making the turn and sliding out really bad, they both, in unison, went straight and SLAMMED in to a curb fence combo.

Billy got a gnarly hand cut. Brian I think was ok.

Regardless though, it was INTENSE.IMG_3789 IMG_3817

And there you have it.

Brian “4 WINS IN A ROW” Kelly

Billy Crist

Sergio Soto


The next one is March 29th.

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