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We all met up at Embarcadero at noon. Headed out by Noon thirty.

Evan, one of the homies, got a flat on the way to the ride so he intercepted us way over by Imperial Beach. George got a flat on Harbor Drive. Then Dustin got a flat trying to jump this sweet curb gap. Then George believes that one is the loneliest number so he decided to get another flat which brings the grand total of flats for this BSBR to : FOUR!

We tied our record!

The wind was another hot topic. Its never anything new or unexpected with this route though. We all know that there WILL be headwind either on the way there, or on the way back. Today was one of those days though were we got it on the way there AND on the way back. Makes the ride seem so much longer and not nearly as ‘enjoyable’ but the immaculate weather made up for it.

All in all, we had a great Bayshore Bikeride.

Thanks to the 20-30 heads that came out!

Lets do this again soon..

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