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North County’s SD Crows X Tijuana’s Achemele Crew x The Awarewolfs

ALL of us met up at the new Dunkin Donuts in Downtown San Diego.

Thanks KIND Snacks for hooking us up with some snacks cause the line took AN HOUR AND A HALF! Yes. 90 minutes to get Dunkin Donuts. Also thanks Jamie and Jeff for waiting in line! You guys really took one for the TEIAM there.

After we all were more than ready, we casually blasted south to the border. Sergio Soto from North County had a route planned ( which we should’ve stuck to ) but NONE of us were really that confident in getting us to the hopeful final destination. We ended up going with Tom Sullivan’s gut but we probably should’ve known better than trusting this dude’s gut cause he just moved here from England hahaha  ( No hard feelings Tom. It happens bud. ) We ended up going the right way but the wrong way and we all got super confused and frustrated for a second but then once we all figured it out, SMOOTH SAILING.

We were trying to get to the now closed Friendship Park. It is the most south western corner of the continental United States of America. By the looks of it on google maps and just a general knowledge of TJ, we all knew Border Patrol was everywhere, so were horrible roads, and just plain unsureness.

We regrouped one last time and then the Achemele Crew took a left to cross the border. Totally wished they could’ve cruised with us to Friendship Park.

Friendship Park was tricky to get to. We had to ride a couple miles past some horses and farms which led eventually to a gate. Right when we got to the gate, a border patrol SUV rolled by dragging tires which definitely spooked a few of us into going any further down the road. We took a vote and decided that we had come so far that stopping at this gate just wasn’t gonna cut it. We had to ride down the gravel and get to the corner of the States. Eventually we got to the corner but not after we dodged a ton of joggers, kids on bikes, sand, rocks, and horses. We even had to do this super gnarly trail around a huge mud puddle. After the trail there was a little climb then THERE IT WAS. The corner.

It sucks that this park is ‘closed’. SUCH a rad park with some of the most amazing views.

We all kicked it for awhile then eventually took off for our adventure back. We all knew which street to turn on this time which ensured us of the RIGHT route next time.

Speaking of that,

This is the new DDDT.

We gotta do this instead of the DDDT. Its just too easy and epic.

We’ll let you know when the next one is..

Thanks EVERYONE for coming out!

Oh and JUST GoPro photos : HERE


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