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Ever since the last CicloSDias I’ve dreamed of this :

“What if there was a CicloCity? NO CARS ALLOWED. Only human powered stuff and a CicloCity Coaster Tram thing. Bike bars, bike games, bike olympics, bikes this that and everything all the time forever and always. Everyday you have to wear a costume, set the tone, or dress for the weather you want. No judging, just smiles. No bad vibes, only high fives. I think it could work. I really do.”

At CiloSDias, its like CicloCity. Its AMAZING. EVERYone is smiling and having a great time, and it’s just good clean fun. Plus, all the vendors and local businesses are supporting BIKES!

Then reality sets in when you leave CicloSDias. Cars are STILL there and STILL suck.

Thank God for CicloSDias though. One day to just let loose in the streets with no worries about cars. Picture just a very casual block party like a St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco De Mayo block party but instead of one block, its about a mile and beers aren’t $15! And yes you saw correctly, the SDPD has a triathlon team!

Can’t wait for the next one, there might be one in summer so cross them fingers..

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