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What a great race!

We all gathered at Harbor Island and where we had the start/finish planned was unfortunately RIGHT next to a wedding reception so we moved the start/finish to a safer spot in the park. We found a little spot out in the open but hidden enough that the 30+ spectators could hang out in peace.

The format of this race was ELIMINATION where however many enter, that’s how many laps. Each lap was 2.8 miles and ten people entered.

Mark Caporale led the pack for the first lap but then he just freaking TOOK OFF and ended up finishing with about a 2:45 lead on 2nd and 3rd. It was insane. Everyone watching was absolutely blown away at how much of a lead he had and he showed no signs of slowing down. He posted this on his facebook which shows just how much this 39 year old is in tune with his training :

Perhaps it just looks like I go out there and push it til I nearly lose my lunch, but riding fast is an exact science that requires years of practice and intimate self-knowledge of your own limits. This is why I do it; the quest for truth in the inmost being. And btw: if you want to win a race or at the very least do the very best you possibly can with the physical gifts God gave you, this is how it’s done son!” – Mark Caporale


3rd : Sergio Soto

2nd : Jack Barrena



Thanks everyone who cruised out!

Top photo by Joe Kelly. Podium photo by Bolt.


Mark Caporale, along with a few others, are starting The Awarewolfs TEIAM for the 200 mile Ride4Water coming up. As a team, we’ll have to raise a minimum of $1,000 so to help us reach our goal, we’ll be hosting RACE4WATER this coming FULLMOON which is also FRIDAY THE 13th!! The stars have aligned way too well for us to NOT do a big ass fund’race’r..

If your shop or company would like to support the TEIAM, or if you would like to join the TEIAM, email


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