So before we get in to the ride, we wanted to show you the artwork / display we had up.

We asked Kai Martin to draw wolves depicting the 12 different meanings of the fullmoon. On the wall, you’ll see Kai’s original artwork. Below his art is how we used his art to make the flyer for that month’s FMBR along with the meaning of that full moon. And at the very bottom is one photo from that FMBR.

IMG_4994 IMG_4983 IMG_5006 IMG_5002 IMG_1816Left, Charlie Sears – me. The guy who runs The Awarewolfs. On the right, Kai Martin – the artist who worked with me to draw 12 images of wolves depicting the 12 different meanings of the full moons.

Pretty neat huh?


And on to the party…

( Nick Brock of Dos Llantas snapped the rest of these photos )


^ Keg O’ Pizza Port Swami’s IPA.


^ DJ Monk the Punk doin his thing.


^ 100+ people came through.


^ Brian Kelly checking out the chariots at The Recyclery SD.


^ Moniker. Living up to it’s hashtag of #dreamfactorysd


^ L – R : Pat Casper and Evan Hobson of Dos Llantas. Bojac. Preston.


Partnering with The Recyclery SD allowed us an incredibly awesome opportunity to use the Moniker Warehouse as our start / finish for the 50th FMBR. DJ Monk the Punk was spinnin, Pizza Port Swami’s IPA was a flowin’, and people we mingling. Time flew by way too fast from too much fun and before you knew it, it was time to get the show on the road!

After a few words about how we ride, we were off on the 50th FMBR!



^ 75+ riders ! 20141206_213447

^ Preston’s READY.



20141206_213917 20141206_214600 20141206_214609



^ FLAT! We all stopped til it was sorted out.


^ After the flat, we were back to shreddin.


^ Thomas steady cruisin.


^ Fatts mashin.


^ Chris. Killing it.


^ The pack steady strollin. Hey Dave!


^ END. Harbor Island chilling for a sec.


^ Brian Kelly and Fatts leadin the pack back to Moniker.


Counted about 75+ riders on the ride!


The record number casually cruised from Moniker, down Market, and over to Harbor Island. We suffered one flat and a couple really silly crashes but I guess other than that, it was smooth sailing. The weather was perfect and the moon was shining bright. We caught our breath real quick at Harbor Island and then we were en route back to Moniker to kill that keg!


20141206_23141720141206_23151020141206_231515 20141206_231609

So I’m back at Moniker. Chillin. An Bojac comes up to me and says, “come outside”. So I do and allofa sudden PSHHHSSSSHSPSPSH Magz is spraying me with champagne! Then Angie drank it.

EPIC end to an epic night.


So thank you everyone and here’s to the next 50 FMBRS !

Words can’t describe how humbled I am at the support you all have shown me over the years.

Thank YOU for being part of my artistic outlet turned incredibly consuming passion.

ps – In 2015 I’m hoping to guide The Awarewolfs through a lot of BRAND growth… I Just gotta get it out.

Hope you stay tuned and enjoy.

– Charlie Sears


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