When State Bicycle Co and I started talking about this, it took me a few months to get them any sort of idea.

I went crazy thinking about what MY jersey should / would / could look like. It was important to me that the jersey represented who I am in some way.

And then the inspiration finally came :


I was on a red-eye flight from San Diego to New York.

Soon after take off, I couldn’t help but notice all the colors in the San Diego sunset. It was a San Diego sunset that people all over the world would give anything to see and I had taken for granted the past 28 years. So many thoughts were racing through my head as I was on that plane to New York. I was on the flight to go to a job interview in NY. It was a pivotal moment in my life as I’m born and raised in San Diego CA – moving across the country when I had so much good going on with AWLF was a very tough decision…

Looking out that window, I knew that that sunset needed to be the jersey.

A few days after that trip, I sent the idea over to State.

A few weeks later, I moved to New York.

A few months later, the jersey came out.

Bada bing, bada boom.

State Bicycle Co., thank you so much for this and all the support over the years. I’m so proud to partner with such a positive company.

San Diego, I miss you. What you can’t tell in these photos is that it was 30°F and we got our first snow a few hours later. *Channeled warmth from the sunset on my shirt while taking these photos.*



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