REVIEW : Knog PWR Sound Lantern and Quokka Headlamp

It’s no secret that we’ve have been big fan of pretty much everything Knog has ever put out. Knog’s minimalist design approach and great performance keeps us coming back time and time again.

The past couple years, I’ve been getting back in to camping. Perfect timing cause Knog seems to be branching out a bit by offering more than bicycle lights by giving us “outdoor” products such as a portable speaker, lantern, and headlamps.

Knog PWR / Sound / Lantern :

The Knog PWR Sound speaker packs a perfect punch. The sound is great and can get really loud! It comes with a mount that I honestly didn’t think would hold up on the trails but after a few rides and some gnarly terrain, the mount proved to be super sturdy and didn’t even hardly rotate much while on the bike. I also really like this mount because I can mount it to the awning on my car which keeps the speaker out of the way, out of the dirt, or off the table. It runs off the 3350mah Knog PWR Bank Small which can be removed to charge your electronics or power the Knog PWR Lantern

The Knog PWR Lantern is great for camping – like – really great. I love how the design is sooo simple. Most of my lanterns ran off AA batteries and had flimsy metal mounts or stands. This little guy though?- compact, lightweight, rechargeable, and siiimple. Using the same 3350mah Knog PWR Bank that the speaker runs off of, I had this thing lit for a few hours one trip and still had plenty of power left to listen to music on the speaker the next day. Very very stoked on this little light of mine.

Last but absolutely not least, something I never knew I needed was a headlamp. Really. I never owned a headlamp til now and holy cow – what a game changer. I went with the least powerful headlamp Knog offers – the Quokka 80 and this thing is plenty enough when its dark and you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Cooking at night, getting ready for bed in the dark, and simply just poking around the campsite is so much easier with this thing strapped to your head. As always with Knog, it’s USB rechargeable and super affordable – only about $25!

It’s great to see Knog expanding to more than just bicycle stuff. I mean, I remember when the Knog Frog was pretty much all Knog made! All in all, very very stoked on how these “outdoor” Knog products came out and I can’t wait to see what else Knog cooks up next… Looks like they also just released a PWR Solar Panel and a Bicycle ALARM + Tracker… (!!!)

Thanks for reading and check it all out here :

FYI – we do NOT receive a commission if you decide to purchase any Knog products.

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