The Veloroam is a mellow and social ride where we ride together as a pack and obey the traffic laws as best as conditions permit.

We meet at the picnic table out front of the entrance to the San Diego Velodrome after TNR races are over. For those of you unfamiliar with the San Diego Velodrome, TNR ( Tuesday Night Races ) is a great night to come to the track. It’s sort of ‘THE’ night to be there. First of all, its FREE. Second, you can B.Y.O.B. Lastly, the crowd is packed with a ton of good people stuffing their faces with tamales and kettle corn.

Once the races are over, meet out at the picnic table on the grass.

We’ll talk it out on where exactly we should roam.

Then we’ll go on a light roam around town and probably end with some snacks in a park, a bonfire, or at a bar for a night cap.

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Every Tuesday during race season.

7 thoughts on “VELOROAM

  1. sounds like Fun! what time do races start? what time frame does veloroam usually start/race end time..? Thx Loads : )

    • Whenever the races end. We’ll probably just ride around for a bit then end up somewhere for a drink.

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