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I never really thought there would be a time that I would have wanted or needed one of these.

Then, the other night, I was leading a group ride of about 30 people to a park that I had never been to. I was looking at a map on my phone and charging up a hill one-handed as fast as I could to stay in front while holding my phone in my right hand. THATS when I realized that one of these mounts miiiight come in handy.

The crew over at Quadlock sent over one of their cases and I am in love.

The case that you use to attach the phone to the mount is incredibly slim and sleek. I can slip it in and out of my pocket no problem. The mount attaches with two O rings or two zip ties if you want a little more permanent attachment. I use the O rings and have jumped off curbs and all sorts of stuff. Super happy to report that my phone has NEVER once fallen off while locked in to the Quadlock.

I’m DEFINITELY lovin this mount. Thanks Quadlock!

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