The Cancer Angels Alley Cat was to raise funds for Cancer Angels and also celebrate the 3 year anniversary of The Awarewolfs Fullmoon Bikerides. We met up at Pioneer Park and the race would be ending at Blind Lady Ale House where we would be raffling off about 100 product prizes from the 20+ sponsors and also one State Bicycle Co. LaFleur.

This is how the day went :

So when I got to Pioneer Park, there was probably THOUSANDS of people. Why? Cause the San Diego Breast Cancer Walk was using Pioneer Park as a checkpoint for the walkers. There were sooo many people dressed up all crazy and walking and cheering people on, and porter potties, and speakers, and cops, it was crazy. I honestly thought we were going to have to move the race! What were the odds that they would be using the park at the same exact time as our cancer benefit? Eventually by the time our racers were showing up, the Cancer Walkers had past us and we had the park pretty much to ourselves.


IMG_0783 IMG_0801

Racers started showing up around 2 and once everyone got registered to race, we got the show on the road.

Check out how the race went :

IMG_0812 IMG_0825 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0859 IMG_0869 IMG_0885

Everyone had to line their bikes up on the fence then line themselves up on the sidewalk. We handed everyone a map with all the checkpoints they had to visit. The check points were Mission Hills Bicycle Shop, Coffee & Tea Collective, North Park Bikes, Thomas Bike Shop, Adams Ave Bicycle Shop, and Brooklyn Bicycles. It was an ‘open route’ so you could take any route you desire to these checkpoints. You had to choose suuuuuper wisely cause there were some MAJOR shortcuts that if you knew of em, you’d shave off some minutes for sure. At each of these checkpoints, racers had to complete tasks before they could advance to the next checkpoint.

One other surprise check point was the fountain in Balboa Park were these two were waiting for you :


Racers had to find Meatwad and McGibblets SOMEWHERE around the fountain.

Check this out though. Remember how the Breast Cancer walk was going on when I got to Pioneer Park? Well, we didn’t know this at all but the walk’s next checkpoint was BALBOA PARK! There were sooooooo many people over there! We originally thought that it’d be funny that you’d have to find Meatwad and Mr. McGibblets. Little did we know that the racers would have to find them in a SEA of people ALL dressed up in PINK and crazyness for the Cancer Walk! Could’nt have worked out better. Diego Bolt took this photo he got of McGibblets during the race :


“Happy to see him show up after 10mins……..” – Diego Bolt

Doesn’t McGibblets have the BEST ‘I have noooooooo idea what I’m doing’ look on his face?! BAHAHAHAH

One other thing that was going on during the race was this.

State Bicycle Co. sent us three cycling kits to give out on this event. Due to some dumb UPS maneuvers, the kits never showed up in time for the event. Didn’t matter though. It made us get super creative with how we distributed the kits. We decided that 1st place gets one, we’d raffle another, and then we made a BONUS checkpoint for the last one! Under the table that we always meet up for for the Veloroam, we taped a piece of paper with a picture of the cycling kit on it. The first person to find that piece of paper, won the kit. This is Jeff and he got there first! :


Check this part out!

Brooklyn Bikes was the last checkpoint and the task that Richie made riders do was 20 pushups before you could move on. Bojac got there first so we all thought he was in 1st right..




He forgot to go to Coffee & Tea Collective!

Everyone was super stoked for him and he even thought he won but we realized that he never stopped at C&T so then this happened! :

IMG_0935 IMG_0942

Brian Kelly, Diego Bolt, and Sergio Soto all showed up to Brooklyn Bikes pretty much in that order. Brian Kelly finished his 20 pushups, grabbed his checkpoint checkoff card from Richie, then started running. All while Brian was doing this, Bolt  finished his pushups and started running off to secure second place.


IMG_0947 IMG_0960 IMG_0991So Bolt had to turn around and while he was running back towards Richie, Sergio passed him up and RAN to the finish line to get second.

Bolt ended up placing third and there you have it :


The three winners of the first ever Cancer Angels Alley Cat!

1st : Brian Kelly

2nd : Sergio Soto

3rd : Diego Bolt

Congrats dudes!

This guy ( VVV Jeff )won the State Bicycle Co. LaFleur! :


I think he actually placed last in the race but whatever cause he won the raffle for the bike!

Major major thanks to Blind Lady Ale House for putting us crazy bike punks up for an after party. Seriously, THANK YOU! Our accommodations were sooo perfect for our event. All of us fit perfect in the side room where we all chowed down on pizza and beer.

IMG_1019 -1 IMG_1042 IMG_1031


Thank you so much to all our sponsors! Thank you to everyone who donated, entered the raffled, raced, drank beer with us, or enjoyed reading this.

We raised about $1,500 all to be donated to Cancer Angels of San Diego!

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