So Bolt, who runs Street Assassins, made this rad video of the Cancer Angels Alley Cat. He is the one who finished 3rd in the race so this video is INTENSE! Really good shots of the entire race and all the checkpoints. Its pretty long obviously cause it is quite literally MOST of the entire race from a GoPro on Bolt’s handlebars. We went through and wanted to highlight some key parts if you care to see just those. Sit back, relax, and check this out!

1:50 – Mission Hills Bike Shop

6:38 – Found Meatwad

7:22 – Found McGibblets

8:00 – Downhill then a climb

11:40 – Thomas Bike Shop

13:45 – North Park Bikes

16:13 – Coffee & Tea Collective

18:15 – Adams Avenue Bicycle Shop

21:00-End You can see Bolt pass up Blind Lady Ale House on the left and then dip in to Brooklyn Bikes on the right. He actually got to Brooklyn Bikes first it looks like but since he forgot to grab the ticket from Richie, he had to turn around at 21:47 and grab it, placing him in 3rd.


Thanks Bolt for making this!!

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