PLEASE READ : Some thoughts on 2013 🙂

I know, I know, these things are cheesy but when you start & run any social media outlet that isn’t ‘yours’ but rather ‘your companies’, you get a little more stoked on any ‘like’.

So according to Statigram, some highlights of 2013 for AWLF were :

5. CicloSDias
4. Catching a bike thief
3. Marc’s Colossi from Singapore
2. B St. with @fotophunk
1. Old Town with @fotophunk

As 2013 comes to an end, I am feeling so incredibly blessed by how well AWLF was received this year. Thinking back on where I was last year with all of this and where we all are at now just is absolutely mind blowing. Here’s some of the things I’d just like to acknowledge :

– Last year at this time, Fullmoon Bikerides were ‘big’, but now they are HUGE.

– Veloroams weren’t around yet and I can’t wait for next race season to start so we can get back into this groove.

– The CRITs definitely weren’t around. It only took us three CRITs to get them dialed. Now, we gotta get them HUGE.

– The Bayshore Bikeride wasn’t around either. We will be alternating between the DDDT and the BSBR on the first weekend of every month 2014 to offer a solid DISTANCE ride.

– On November 17th, my good friend Rocco and I helped with hosting the Cancer Angels Alley Cat and together, we raised over $1600 to donate to Cancer Angels of San Diego.

– Last year at this time, I was just starting to hype up the first DDDT. Its was a real struggle getting people to pay $20 to get in a van with a bunch of strangers but now, this one coming up on Sunday, is looking like it’ll be TWO SOLD OUT VANS + riders meeting us at Dunkin Donuts.

–  Ride4Water, that 237 mile ride I helped plan last June is happening again THIS June and we have HUUUGE plans with that. R4W is officially a 501c3 and we are gonna knock your socks off with what we got planned..

– State Bicycle Co. has been the best supporter I could ever ask for and I am so grateful that they will continue to partner with AWLF to help us grow our bike scene over here in San Diego. I’ve been riding around their ‘Contender’ but I’ll be riding one of their Black Label’s soon so I can keep up with you all a little better on the faster rides. Also, getting my first set of clips! yew!

– In June, I released the first ever ‘line’ of AWLF products. I’m in the process right now of adding some new designs & products and will be releasing an updated line by January 11th. On January 11th, at North Park Bikes, I’ll be setting up my first TRUNK SHOW for Ray at Night as well as celebrating North Park Bikes ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I’ll be setting up the new AWLF BOOTH along with samples of everything AWLF. Some items will be pre-made and some will need to be ordered. We’ll be showing a surprise short film that evening also. You won’t want to miss it.

So, in 2014, I plan on hosting everything again but better. I really hope YOU can come along for a ride or come out to support your local bike scene. Thank you everyone for the amazing support so far, 2014 is going to be INSANE 🙂

– Charlie Sears

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