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THE AWAREWOLFS and the fog crept in to North Park Bikes to celebrate NPB’s one year anniversary as well as Ray at Night! It was an absolutely honorable occasion for us to scramble all flipping week prepping everything for the first ever THE AWAREWOLFS trunk show. We had samples of all our products and order forms to place an order for custom AWLF gear.

 State Bicycle Co sent over their brand-new Black Label for a review and our friends at Rimskin saw it as an opportunity to deck the bike out in a sweet AWLF digital camo color scheme. Since the bike is black on black, any color we threw on it would just absolutely POP. It’s hard to tell from the photos but the front rim actually has a chalkboard Rimskin and the back rim is black reflective!

At 9:30 we showed a short cycling film. We showed Das Rad Klub’s Y.O.B.S. ( Year of BS ). If you aren’t familiar, Das Rad Klub is a cycling group all the way over in Bristol England very similar to THE AWAREWOLFS. They host a bunch of races and stuff and even host “AWLF inspired” Fullmoon Bikerides. They made this film of 2013 recapping of all the events they threw in 15 minutes. Fullmoon Bikerides even had a short little segment in the film 🙂

We have been working on that booth for a couple months now specifically for occasions like these. We love printing orders for followers of the site and now we have the means to set this booth up at shows or markets. If you’d like us to set up at something you got going or if you know of a show our booth might complement, we’d love to showcase.

Also, dealers and buyers, we now have wholesale pricing.

Contact :

Thanks everyone who came out, helped out, supported.

That was a blast – les do it again!


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