What a day.

The day started off  with the most inconsistent but relentless rain / wind. Needless to say, that scared away plenty of faces who would’ve showed up to Alleycatbertos and I can’t blame them. Conditions were HORRIBLE. I wouldn’t have gone if I weren’t hosting the race myself. That’s how bad it was WHEN I LEFT.

But once racers started showing up, the clouds parted and we had ZERO rain all night. The race was scheduled to start at 8 and the rain stopped at 7.

There were a couple photo shows going on at Coffee & Tea Collective and Gym Standard. Outsiders BMX had some amazing old skool BMX bikes on display too!

So check out the evening :


IMG_5175 IMG_5183 IMG_5201 IMG_5217 IMG_5234 IMG_5250 IMG_5262 IMG_5273 IMG_5274 IMG_5276 IMG_5279

Racers had to go from Gym Standard to :

Robertos ( like two blocks from the start and finish )

Humbertos ( 25th & Broadway )

Adalbertos ( Point Loma )

Finish : Live Wire


Racer’s also had to grab a Californian or Vegetarian burrito before they crossed the finish line!


IMG_5305 IMG_5309 IMG_5307 IMG_5312


2nd : Diego Bolt

3rd : Brian Kelly


1st Female : TAYLOR ADDISON!

2nd : Lidia Marin


DFL : Jeff Magnus


Major thanks everyone who braved the elements.

Hope to see you at the BFF tonight!


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