IMG_5004 IMG_5026 IMG_5061 IMG_5069 IMG_5119 IMG_5114 It was POURING today!

While you were laying low at home, our riders were STILL out there battling 20 mph winds and dumbass drivers.

Today everyone finally had their own unique system down for how to transport all the flowers. To bad today was also our last day. We were JUST getting the hang of this!

Anyways, thanks KIND for this! You have no idea how well received you’ve been. We really hope that you’ll continue to help out THE AWAREWOLFS and get involved with some of our rides! We’d love to munch on dem bars while we’re our shreddin!

Super thanks as well to Old Harbor Distilling Co. for letting us use their warehouse! They’ll be distilling rum, whiskey, and gin over in East Village which is oh so cool. The area isn’t the nicest but I’m sure the drinks will be.

Aight. Now off to host Alleycat-bertos!

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