Over here in San Diego California, you can get a ticket if you are riding your bike at night with no lights. So, I was always that guy that rode with the cheapest lights possible. I always ended up with lights that I hoped made me be seen rather than lights that actually allowed me to see. I always thought super bright lights were just a bit excessive ya know…

Cause, why waste money on lights? they’re just so you don’t get a ticket right?


Long story short, I got my hands on the Knog Blinder Twinpack and it has forever changed how I ride at night..




The front light is way more than enough to see and be seen.

When in Steady Mode, the front Blinder’s 200 lumens will illuminate your path but use the Steady Mode sparingly because the battery lasts about 1-2 hours in this mode. Don’t trip though cause both the front and rear lights are USB rechargeable. Also, when riding in the city, you really should have your front light set to blinking. It makes you stand out a bit more + that setting gets you a 4-6 hour burn time.



The back light is 70 lumens.

And it is BRIGHT.



The back light has five settings. One setting is called “Eco-Flash” and ( like the Knog Blinder name claims ) it’s borderline blinding. Plus, it has a 20 hour burn time. While on this setting, the light flashes so bright that I almost feel bad for the drivers behind me…

But then I get to thinking and realize that nah I don’t feel bad at all.

I finally feel SAFE.

And I can honestly say that about these lights. They make me feel safe; and that’s important.

They’re really not a bad price at $139 either. That’s like $70 a light and when you’re considering your safety – you’re worth it.

Check out the Knog Blinder Twinpack : HERE


Photos / words : Charlie Sears |


  1. Being safe is absolutely great. Can the cyclists coming in your direction see anything though? I was blinded by a couple of riders coming my way a couple of weeks ago in spanish landing park, and came EXTREMELY close to running right into one of them because I was quite literally blinded momentarily by the brightness and because they were pointed ahead, not toward the ground. If we feel the need to use such high powered lighting, we need to make sure it is safe for everyone, not just the one behind such a light. I am not sure if this was the same light they were using, but judging by the picture of how bright and how far the lights travels, it was something just like them.

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