^ Heading out of Downtown San Diego. Finger in the shot.


^ UCSDIMG_1303

^ Moar UCSD.IMG_1305

^ Banana Stand.IMG_1308

^ Bottom of Torrey Pines.IMG_1311

^ Met up with the @sdcrows !IMG_1312

^ Saturday morning traffic.IMG_1313

^ If there’s a bike lane, RIDE IN IT! IMG_1315

^ Look at all that open road coming up…


^ Smashin.


^ Couldn’t ask for better weather.IMG_1324

^ Chillin.


^ Oh thank heaven! This 7-11 by Camp Pendleton is where all the SD Crows headed back South and we kept trekking North.IMG_1325

^ Camp Pendleton Marine Base.IMG_1326

^ Moose saw a bush that needed to be watered.


^ Chris and his 50lb backpack.IMG_1332

^ San Clemente Pizza Port for lunch.IMG_1334

^ Moose Angel.IMG_1336

^ Chris-topher Columbus over here.IMG_1340

^ We stopped a LOT and took our time…IMG_1344

^ Sunset was epic.IMG_1348

^ Cruisin.IMG_1350

^ Mile 83, threw the lights on.


^ Sunset and the start of the bike trail to Disneyland.

IMG_1357^ Moose got a flat with like 10 miles to go. IMG_1366

^ The Anaheim train station is insane.


8AM on Saturday morning, Chris, and myself rode out of Santa Fe Depot in Downtown San Diego. The morning air was crisp but the weather was perfect all day. Occasionally, we encountered some heavy winds but it really wasn’t anything too nuts.

We had some company in Del Mar… Jack, Fatts, Sergio, Raul and Liz merged with us and rode to Camp Pendleton with us! We even bumped in to our buddy Lucas Evans who was doing an ALC training ride. There 20 or so miles that we were a party on wheels!

The entire ride, we only endured one flat. It happened on the bike path, about 10 miles from Disneyland. This kind of made it a close call for Moose and myself to catch our 8:10 train. We made it to the station with just a few minutes to spare. Bummed we couldn’t get a photo of all of us at Disneyland but more bummed we didn’t grab that burrito and beer for the train ride home!

Moving time, the ride took us about 8 hours. Total time, almost 12 hours. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we had a great time taking our time and enjoying the ride. The weather was so perfect, the sunset was epic, and the journey was a blast.

Can’t wait to do it again! Stay tunnned…


Chris made this rad video of the day! :

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