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 ^ So. The Knog Strongman.

I’ve been using the smaller version of this lock for a long time now (The Bouncer). My only call out on the smaller lock is how small it is. But that is also the reason why I love it – it could almost fit in my pocket and it’s fairly light weight.

With all that said, I was skeptical about the larger Strongman. I was worried that the ‘bigger’ lock would be too heavy and bulky ya know? After using the Strongman for a few weeks now, I’ve found that the Strongman is bigger in the right ways. Barely bigger width x height, but significantly bigger in the center where you lock around an object.

Pretty much, Knog nailed it on this one.


Red Lock = Knog Strongman

White Lock = Knog Bouncer

IMG_5140 IMG_5145


^ See? The Strongman (red) isn’t THAT much bigger than the smaller Bouncer (white).

And notice the width difference in the center?


^ The Strongman can fit around a parking meter. The smaller Bouncer can’t.

The smaller lock, the Knog Bouncer, has been my favorite lock to use on the daily for a long time now. But, the fact that I couldn’t lock around a parking meter was kind of annoying. The Knog Strongman is right on the money. It’s a bit larger but a lot thinner which allows for more clearance to lock around larger objects.


It wouldn’t be Knog if it wasn’t covered in silicone. Your bike’s paint job will love you for this. It also has this crazy technology where if it is cut, you can’t twist it open. With all that protection, it makes for a perfect day to day lock.


So that settles that.

You love your bike. Lock it up proper.

Check it out on the Knog site :


Photos / words : Charlie Sears |

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