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^ When you think of Knog, you may think about the Frog or Beetle models – little lights that were probably the first lights you ever had. At least that’s what I think about. I feel like I grew up using Knogs. The past few years, Knog has been making better and more powerful lights and The Knog Blinder Arc 5.5 is currently Knog’s most powerful light – clocking in at 550 lumens – more than enough to see whats coming up in front of you. Of course Knog made the Blinder Arc 5.5 USB rechargable and waterproof – it actually has an integrated USB plug which is designed to be exposed to the elements.


^ So back to that 550 lumens part.

There are a total of 4 light modes which will affect how long the battery lasts :

HIGH – 1.8 hour burn time

MEDIUM – 3.5 hour burn time

LOW – 8 hour burn time

FLASHING – 17 hour burn time

550 lumens is a lot of power which demands a lot of battery. So use that high beam sparingly. I’ve found that flashing and low are normally enough for most night rides. I seem to always be riding at night and have developed a routine of throwing the lights right back on the charger when I get home from the ride. It’s a little bit of extra effort but once you start using a high power light like this, you won’t want to NOT have it on a night ride ever again.


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This isn’t the Knog you know.

The Blinder Arc 5.5 is a serious light that will fully illuminate your ride and absolutely blind people who look directly at it.

At $120, it’s well worth the investment.

Check em out on the Knog site at :


Also did a review of the Knog Blinder Twinpack :

If you care to check that out too…


Photos / words : Charlie Sears |

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