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^ The Knog Qudos packaging is fancy shmancy.

Included in the tin square is an action camera mount + hardware, cold shoe + tripod adaptor (for DSLR cameras), and a USB recharge cable.

The camera body is a sturdy aluminum and feels indestructible.

Compact and waterproof up to 40 meters (130 feet), the Knog Qudos is serious business with a max output of 400 lumens.

The Knog Qudos has 6 settings :


(For the video at the bottom of this post, the light was set to Ambient High.)

The Knog Qudos is marketed as a video light but don’t think that video is ALL it’s good for.

Qudos makes for an excellent still photo light / flash as well :


^ Low lighting : Qudos is OFF.


^ Low lighting : Qudos is ON.IMG_6544

^ The Qudos has pretty much replaced my flash.

But on the to the video part…


Moose, Bojac, and I have been doing what we call “Sunset Shreds” in Balboa Park’s Flordia Canyon on mountain bikes. So, I strapped a GoPro 3+ and the Knog Qudos to my Pro-Tec Fullcut to make this :



Anyone who owns a GoPro 3+ will tell you that the GoPro 3+ is horrible at night and low light. I hardly use my GoPro cause of this. The Knog Qudos provides a simple solution to this low light problem.

At $119, it’s a small investment. But I can tell you, I’ve used lights like these with my DSLR and they are about 4 times the size and use 8 AA batteries. When you’re filming “action sports”, you’re probably doing some “action” as well. You’re not gonna want to be lugging around a big ass LED panel and extra AAs. The “keep in your camera bag always and take everywhere” aspect of the Knog Qudos is plenty to justify the purchase.

The Knog Qudos packs an incredibly powerful punch in a compact, aluminum, waterproof, and USB rechargeable package.

What more could you ask for in a video light?

Check it out more on the Knog site :


Photos / words : Charlie Sears |

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