Let us give you a little context before we get in to this…

In 2013, we rode from Santa Barbara to San Diego in ONE DAY – 227 miles – we started with 7 riders and ended with 5.

2014, we rode from Ventura to San Diego in ONE DAY – 200 miles – started with 9 and only 3 made it.

So this year, Ride4Water and The Awarewolfs decided to make the ride a two day event.

2 days / 200 miles / 100 miles a day.

Should be cake right?

We didn’t want this ride to be a TOTAL sufferfest + this year REDEMPTION was on our minds.

So here we go…


DAY 1: The First 100 : Ventura to Long Beach

IMG_6772 copy

^ At about 8AM we blasted off from the hotel.

IMG_6778 copy IMG_6777 copy IMG_6789 copy IMG_6792 copy IMG_6815 copy IMG_6898 copy IMG_6900 copy IMG_6930 copy IMG_6945 copy IMG_6955 copy IMG_6973 copy IMG_7015 copy IMG_7021 copy IMG_7044 copy IMG_7060 copy IMG_7065 copy IMG_7076 copy IMG_7100 copy

^ The first time we really stopped to catch our breath and regroup was around mile 38. We all felt like those first miles flew by! Last year, at this point, we had already endured a crash and FIVE flat tires. Things were going well, team morale was high, and we were almost to the 50 mile mark where our support van and FOOD would be waiting.

IMG_7102 copy

^ After tracking down the van, we refueled, and were back on the road.

IMG_7118 copy IMG_7130 copy IMG_7141 copy IMG_7143 copy IMG_7146 copy IMG_7153 copy IMG_7156 copy IMG_7163 copy IMG_7166 copy IMG_7167 copy IMG_7187 copy IMG_7192 copy IMG_7195 copy IMG_7200 copy IMG_7216 copy IMG_7218 copy IMG_7219 copy IMG_7257 copy IMG_7267 copy IMG_7271 copy IMG_7277 copy IMG_7289 copy

^ Cruising through Venice and around LAX on the beach is a chill route. Cutting through Torrance over to Long Beach is NOT. We were all sooo happy to see this sign! IMG_7307 copy IMG_7316 copy

^ We ALL made it to City Grounds Long Beach by 4PM!

IMG_7323 copy

So the first day was a total success with no flats to speak of and no crashes. After hanging out front of City Grounds for a second, we went to our hotel rooms to rest and recharge for the remaining 100 miles to San Diego tomorrow.


DAY 2 : The Second 100 : Long Beach to San Diego

IMG_0465 copy

Waking up was rough. Getting back on the bike was even harder.

At 8:30am a few new comers joined us for the final 100 from City Grounds.

After we all met up, some quick coffee and Kind Snacks, we were back on the road again.

IMG_7362 copy IMG_7393 copy IMG_7422 copy IMG_7450 copy IMG_7482 copy IMG_7532 copy IMG_7575 copy IMG_7578 copy IMG_7581 copy IMG_7590 copy IMG_7592 copy IMG_7599 copy IMG_7605 copy IMG_7634 copy IMG_7643 copy IMG_7648 copy IMG_7662 copy IMG_7719 copy IMG_7739 copy IMG_7742 copy IMG_7763 copy

^ Some of us were a little more tired than others but we were ALL so motivated to finish the ride. The thing we all had to remind ourselves of is the simple fact that WE WILL GET THERE – JUST KEEP GOING.

IMG_7768 copy

^ This was the last checkpoint before either jumping on the 5 South FREEWAY or smashing roughly 11 miles through the barren, hilly, and windy Camp Pendleton.

IMG_7819 copy IMG_7779 copy IMG_7846 copy IMG_7847 copy IMG_7918 copy IMG_7946 copy IMG_7961 copy IMG_8016 copy IMG_8038 copy

IMG_8049 copy

^ In Oceanside, we tried to organize a 40 mile meetup but due to traffic / parking / pace of the pack, it kind of fell through. There were a few people waiting at the Oceanside Pier for us and they quickly merged in and we were all on our way again!IMG_8076 copy IMG_8117 copy IMG_8129 copy

^ This day’s ride was about 16 miles longer and more than DOUBLE in climbing so needless to say, all of us who did the first 100 were feeeeelin it.

IMG_8167 copy

^ So you can image how happy we were to see this sign…

IMG_8186 copy IMG_8191 copy

^ Ryan Delamater, Ride4Water’s Founder, planned a little after party for us and synced up with his neighbor who 1) it was his birthday and 2) he’s in a punk band so there was food for us and live punk music blasting at our afterparty. Some of us went to Pizza Port, some of us hung out, and some of us cruised home and crashed.

Charlie Sears was the first one to the end zone and he got there at about 7PM.

All in all, an incredibly FUN and successful 4th Annual Ride4Water Summer Solstice Ride.


Major THANK YOU to everyone who rode, cheered, donated, or supported in one way or another. We didn’t reach our fundraising goal but that’s entirely OK. Like we stated above, this year’s ride was more / less a ride of redemption and fine tuning. We’re eager to start planning next year’s and have some great ideas on how make this ride eeeven better!

It’s not too late to donate too! :


Thanks again everyone!


Special THANK YOU to our sponsors :




@theawarewolfs #stravaproof : DAY 1 : DAY 2


– Photos / words by Charlie Sears @thisischarliesears

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