Photos / Words : Charlie Sears @thisischarliesears


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^ Low lighting + Comic Con chaos + and a slow lens = Blurry group photo 😦


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Over 60+ of us blasted off from Retrogression to ride in to the belly of the beast, COMIC CON.

This was the 3rd year now that we’ve thrown a Comic Con ride and although the route was a blast + our moral was high, things got a little gnarly in downtown. It was almost as if were rode through a foreign planet named Comiccon…

Anything goes during Comic Con so we had a two light saber battles at the intersection of 5th x Market (which were a total blast and I wish the photos came out better) but after we got back on the road, we were promptly met with multiple police officers on motorcycles and bicycles. They started picking riders out of the group who didn’t have lights and making them pull over. It was incredibly intimidated and a total buzz kill to say the least. Yeah sure the riders should have had lights, there’s no denying that, but jeez law enforcement sure is terrifying.

Don’t think anyone got a ticket and after we got out of the mess of Downtown, we all met back up at Ceasar Chavez Park under the Coronado Bridge in Barrio Logan. Impromptu games of Footdown and Trackstand comps broke out and we were in the park til well after midnight before everyone headed their separate ways home.

All in all, an epic evening.

Thanks again everyone who came out!


This Star Wars ride HAS TO happen each Comic Con.

It’s too awesome of a tradition.



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Photos and words by Charlie Sears @thisischarliesears

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