Photos + words : Charlie Sears / / @thisischarliesears

Last night was a full moon.
It was the first full moon I tried to get a Fullmoon Bikeride going since moving to Long Island. As I expected, no one showed up. It’s February and 40°F. Plus, I haven’t been very proactive in trying to meet fellow shredders. There are very few bike shops out here and the roads out here are so incredibly bike UN-friendly that I’m not surprised there are so few riders riding right now. But that’s ok, I was eager to use this opportunity to check out the new Knog Blinder Mob.

And actually I’m lying. I forgot that my friend cruised out to the FMBR. I told him to hold REALLY still so I could take photos of the lights.


So check it out. There’s five kinds of Mob lights.
The Eyeballer, Four Eyes, The Face, Kid Grid, and Mr. Chips.
I have the Mr. Chips :
The waterproof MOBs also now come with circular and aero straps and they are USB rechargable.
The MOB lights are more or less meant “to be seen”.  But this MOB Mr. Chips I got would work great in a city environment where you need a light to be seen and quickly illuminate upcoming cracks or hazards. If you’re more looking “to see” in the dark, you’d probably want the Knog’s Blinder Arc 5.5. The beam on the MOBs is very WIDE just like the name implies – the MOB beam doesn’t go very FAR.
As I was riding, it was obvious how WIDE the front beam was and as you can see from the above chart, the Mr. Chip does in fact have very wide 120° Beam Angle – an angle which would be great for a group ride. The Eyeballer, Four Eyes, and The Face have much smaller beam angles AND only up to 4 LEDs which means that they’re bright and will run a long time, but they’re not going to light up what’s in front of you very well. If you’re looking to really see in front and your sides, you’ll want the Kid Grid or Mr. Chips.
The Kid Grid has 16 LEDs and Mr. Chip’s got 36F/64R LEDs. More LEDs mean shorter run times so it’s really up to you what you want out of the MOB. For cruising around the city, I’d opt to run the MOB Mr. Chips with a Blinder 1 for extra blindness.
Check out more of the Knog MOB Familia here :

Photos + words : Charlie Sears / / @thisischarliesears

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