OPINON : BMX Park in Morley Field

With the new BMX Park that opened up in the Sweetwater area and more opening up in North County, I started wondering why Morley Field doesn’t have one yet? I mean, there’s open space, it’s central, and easy access to Balboa Park (Exit I-5 to either Florida or Pershing Drive). People in the area wouldn’t have to make the drive to these other places to have fun. Just imagine, it’s in your own back yard. It’s perfect!

This project will not only bring another attraction to the community park but also new riders to the area. Which will bring more business to the local shops and restaurants. The Sweetwater Bike Park brought over a thousand riders from all over San Diego county on opening day and business hasn’t slowed down.

I had the chance to talk to the person that helped out with the Sweetwater Bike Park and other bike parks in the north county area, they said that there have been talks about making one in Morley Field for about 10 years now. They’ve done research on the area and know it can get funded but we need the approval from the community to build it.

So that’s where we can help. If a petition to build a BMX in Morley Field was made, would you sign it? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or a simple yay or nay below.

-Ricky “inlinesixer”

3 thoughts on “OPINON : BMX Park in Morley Field

  1. I think this would be great for the city of San Diego, we have more than enough skate parks within San Diego County, it’s now time to build some dirt jumps for us BMX dirt riders and mountain bike riders! Let’s get this pushed through either at Morley Field or another location close by!

  2. Great point! San Diego has amazing BMX roots. What an awesome relevant article written with a call to action that really has the community’s interest in mind. I hope to see this happen soon!

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