Ride a Bicycle from Manhattan to Montauk


I believe this route to be the safest route for a bicyclist to travel from Manhattan to Montauk. I hope this post encourages riders, citizens, and law-makers to implement proper bicycle infrastructure to connect Manhattan to Montauk by bicycle.

When I first moved to Long Island, I experienced some heavy culture shock. I’m born and raised in San Diego CA and the lack of bicycle infrastructure on Long Island was absolutely alarming. I had always heard that NYC was some sort of ‘mecca’ for safe bicycle infrastructure, so I sort of assumed that that infrastructure protruded out on to Long Island. Also, Long Island has been around for about 200 years more than California so I figured they’d integrated bike lanes in to their roads by now –

But oh my god how was I wrong…

The lack of bike lanes on Long Island is really unfortunate. Long Island COULD be absolutely amazing for cycling – it’s mostly flat – it’s scenic – and the seasons make both those things all the much better.

Yes yes there ARE already some excellent bicycle trails on Long Island. And I do feel fortunate enough to have lived in Seaford – smack in the middle of two of the best bike trails on the island – the Bethpage Bike Trail and the Jones Beach Bike Path. Those trails only run North and South though. After doing those trails so many times, naturally, I decided I wanted to ride West to East – Manhattan to Montauk.

For those of you unfamiliar, that essentially means from New York City to the eastern most tip of Long Island. It’s a little over 130 miles and almost entirely flat.

I thought for sure that there would be some sort of signage along the road pointing bicycles the best way east because, I mean, what a great recreational opportunity!

I thought for sure that there would be some sort of online resource showing the best and safest route – surely someone had done this before and documented it.

But nope. No sort of information on a safe route could I find. So – Here’s a link to my route I rode on Strava (LINK).

Also, here’s some photos of the route starting with just out of NYC and ending in Montauk. As you’ll see, getting out of the city is bumpy and confusing. Once you get out east a bit tho, smooth open roads and scenic! :

Just wanted to leave all this information on the internet and see what happens. If you have any questions, shoot me an email!

Here’s a link to the route I rode on Strava : https://www.strava.com/routes/2738290552890643038

Enjoy and be *safe,

Charlie Sears – alphamail@theawarewolfs.com

* Really. Please be safe. Wear a helmet, watch out for cars, and watch the road cause it can be rrreally horrible in some parts…

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