REVIEW : GrüneStrasse Co Shellback Bicycle Commuting Backpack


It appears that not all backpacks are created equal…

If you’re riding your bike to work with an old busted Jansport, you need to upgrade yourself to the Grunestrasse Shellback!

This backpack is loaded with zippers and compartments and stashes all over. It’s perfect for keeping clothing folded away nice and neat along with evvvvverything else you could possibly need at your fingertips.

I got the accessories bundle which allow you to have up to four pockets on your chest / stomach for storage – two on the waist and two on the shoulder straps – plenty of room for phone, keys, wallet, etc. Love that I can keep important items right in front of me! No need to awkwardly twist the backpack around to grab something.

I no longer commute by bicycle, but I did take this backpack on a couple vacations and could not believe all the pockets and stashes this bag comes equipped with! Literally, almost too many pockets haha

On the trips I took, my wife and I did some hikes and I gotta say, this pack was GREAT for hiking! There’s a rigid metal frame built in to this thing which makes the pack sort of sit up off your back – (that’s where the “Shellback” term comes from) – but I noticed that the design worked great alleviating weight / pressure on my back on long hikes.

My favorite feature of this bag is the “Tri-fold Garment” bag which is an extremly compact garment bag. Even the hangers fold up to save even more space! One could easily fit a suit, dress, or multiple casual changes in the garment bag.

I wish I had this backpack 10 years ago in my fixie foo days! Would have been an absolute game changer for me when I worked for Nordstrom selling suits. If you’re looking for a backpack for your daily commute, especially if you’re a gym rat or have to be polished at work, look no further – the GruneStrasse Co Shellback is absolutely your solution.


Since I don’t commute by bicycle anymore, I know someone out there could use this bag much much more than I ever will. That’s why I’m offering up my personal Shellback 35 and the accessories bundle – a $240+ value! I’ll even cover the shipping to you! (That means USA domestic only entries – sorry)

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – share this review on Facebook or Instagram with a few words about your commute / why you need or want this bag. Bonus point if you share a photo of the busted backpack you currently commute with. Just be sure to @ tag @theawarewolfs and @grunestrasse on either Facebook or Instagram with a link to this review.

Winner will be announced on May 31st, 2021 – the last day of Bike Month 🙂

Or head to the GruneStrasse website and just buy yourself a Shellback! –

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Photos / words : @charliesearsco

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