REVIEW : State Bicycle Co 4130 All Road

State Bicycle Co ab-so-lutely nailed it on this entry level All Road. Hard to believe it retails under $1k…

A few years back, I didn’t own a car. I owned a State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear.

I rode that bike thousands of miles, and even converted it to an “all-road / CX setup” (more on that here). I was convinced it was the best bike I’d ever own but this 4130 All Road from State Bicycle Co is the epitome of what I always wanted my old bike to be. This thing’s got a 1×11 drive train + beefy tires + disc brakes = the basic necessities a retired “fixie foo” could ask for.

Just like most all the bikes State offers – it’s a “blank canvas” at a price point that makes quick upgrades all the more affordable. I’ve been riding the bike stock for some time now and all the components are what I’d expect – quality, entry level components. But of course I’ll be switching most of the parts out as time goes on. First, I’ll be switching out the pedals, saddle, and putting some racks / packs to carry items but truth be told – this whip really doesn’t need anything straight out of the box!

I’m about 6’2″ so I went with the Large Sonoran Tan 4130 All Road. Available with your choice of either 650b x 2.1″ or 700c x 38c (tubeless) Vittoria tires – the choice is yours – do you plan on riding this in the dirt primarily, or commuting in the streets? If you know what would work for you, skip the next paragraph. If you need help making a decision between the available 27.5″/650b and 700c wheelset, read on –

If you want this bike to be more / less a mountain bike, go with the 650b / 2.1″ set up. If you want this bike to be more / less a commuter, go with the 700c. The 650b wheels provide more comfort in the dirt going over rocks n such, while the 700c will be much more efficient for street / commuting. If you go with the 700c, you’ll def still be able to go in the dirt – just wouldn’t be able to get as gnarly as you could if you went with the 650b. And vice versa – the 650b obviously will work in the street but the wheel / tire size just isn’t as efficient in the street as a 700c setup. And for all of those wondering but too afraid to ask – 650b and 27.5″ wheels are the same thing. Here’s a link with more on that.

As you can see, I went with the 650b / 27.5″ set up. I have car and an E Bike to commute with now so I’ll be using this State Bicycle Co All Road strictly as a “dirt / mtn bike”. I’ve been hitting the local mountains and gone camping with it a couple times now and so far so good – no complaints. Well, only “complaint” if you could even call it that, is that I wish the bike came with a smaller front chain ring. The stock 42t chain ring is fine but when going uphill, in the lowest gear, it was tough! Maybe that’s cause I’m out of shape AF but I already ordered the 38t chain ring and will let you know how that goes – I’m sure it’ll be better – may even go smaller…

If you’re torn between the 6061 Aluminum and the 4130 Steel All Road – all I know is, I grew up riding BMX and in BMX “steel is reel”. 4130 Steel is designed to withstand a ton and it’s designed to flex a bit. 6061 Aluminum is lighter but it’s not as “durable” I’ll say. The 4130’s fork has a bunch of rack mounts on it where as the 6061’s carbon fork does not. So, this all ties back to you – how do you plan on riding this bike? Myself, this is strictly dirt so – “steel is real and 650b wheels please.” But, if I were buying this bike to commute, I’d def go 700c wheels and the 6061 All Road. The 6061 All Road would be lighter and a tad more efficient on the road that the 4130 Steel. Since I plan on using this strictly as a MTB, 4130 / 650b is a no brainer for me.

Over all, regarding the State Bicycle Co 4130 All Road – 10 out of 10. Would recommend. Highly suggest. Get this bike! From one aging fixie foo to another, gears, brakes, and big tires truly do make bicycle riding sooo much more enjoyable. I know this bike retails for almost $1,000 but that’s far less expensive than most other similar bikes on the market… the bang for the buck is very very real here…

Check out the State Bicycle Co 4130 All Road and more here –

Words and photos by Charlie Sears for The Awarewolfs.

6 thoughts on “REVIEW : State Bicycle Co 4130 All Road

    • Worth it! Makes going uphill just a tad easier. The way I look at it, I don’t need help going downhill, and I’ll take all the help I can get going uphill.

  1. I dig my 4140 Joshua Tree edition 700C. Got it a couple of months ago and it’s a great ride. Switched out the seatpost to an Easton EC90, seat to a sella italia, stem to a 3T, and pedals to XT. Added the wolf tooth bling kit and seatpost collar (love the orange). Not that any of the stock parts weren’t fine Just a preference. You were totally correct with the “Blank Slate” reference…. great review. Thank you!

    • Hey Ryan thank you! I wish I would’ve held out just a littttle longer for the Joshua Tree Edition – that colorway is my favorite so far! Thanks again Ryan! – Charlie

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