REVIEW : Knog Oi Luxe / Cobber Mid Set / Blinder Road 600 Front

The Awarewolfs are so grateful that Knog has supported us over the years with product for prizes, alley cats, raffles, and of course REVIEWS! Recently, they sent over their new Oi Bell, the Cobber Twin Pack, and the Blinder Road 600 Front. Ricky wanted the Cobber Mid Set, Charlie wanted the Blinder, and we got an Oi Luxe Bell to give away – READ ON!

FYI – we do NOT receive a commission if you decide to purchase any Knog products.

First up is the Cobber Mid Twin Pack –

Ricky’s been rocking the Cobber Mid Set which provides 330° of light so others will see you from all the angles. Photos really don’t do this light set justice – it’s BRIGHT and you really can see the light from almost any direction.

The Cobber Mid Twinpack is available at Knog for about $129 USD HERE.

The Knog Blinder 600 –

Charlie has been using a Knog Blinder in the front for a few years now. Lights serve two purposes, to see and be seen. This most current Blinder is the most powerful Blinder to date clocking it at a very powerful 600 lumens – more than plenty to see and be seen.

Pick up Knog’s Blinder HERE for about $85 USD.

The Knog Oi Luxe Bell –

We’ve both been big fans of the Knog ‘Classic’ Oi Bell for some time now but this new Knog ‘Luxe’ Oi Bell is niiice. The idea behind the ‘Classic’ Oi was that you “wouldn’t even see it” – minimal design. This Luxe Oi is – I wouldn’t say “bulkier” – but it is absolutely much more “solid” feeling compared to the Classic. The Luxe also has a much more defined ring to the bell which is great. Overall, the simplicity of Knog’s new Luxe Oi is fantastic and the bell’s ring is a good choice for high traffic / louder areas.

Pick up a Knog Oi HERE for around $20-$40 USD. Or, just wait for us to do another give away like Mark did! On Valentine’s Day, we hid a Knog Luxe Oi Bell and then posted the location on Instagam. “Finders keepers” as the old saying goes and Mark here was the first to find!

Thanks for reading along and we hope to see you on one of our rides soon 🙂

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